Life Coaching

Do you consciously and intentionally design your life and your relationships? I’d be surprised (and skeptical) if you said yes. Most people just default into their lives and relationships. They just ‘happen.” I believe that you know deep down (maybe REALLY deep down) the answer to every question and every challenge you face. My skill is in knowing and showing you how to access this information. It’s not magic. Okay, maybe there’s a little magic involved. I especially like Dumbledore’s Pensieve for sorting thoughts and memories. Don’t be surprised if this comes up when we’re talking.  Our exploration will support the whole of you and we’ll dance in conversation in a manner that evokes your impending transformation. We’ll examine strategies, tools, and some techniques I have in my tool belt to support you to find the answers within yourself.  

YOU are the most experienced expert in your life. YOU know who you are. YOU know what you need. YOU know what you want. YOU know what’s best for you. 

Together, as active collaborators, we will integrate this knowledge back into your life by helping you to remember your heart’s desires. It’s my life’s work to help you reconnect your head, heart, and body in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life.

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Spiritual Mentoring

You are far more POWERFUL than you realize. You are FAR MORE POWERFUL than you know. Quite frankly, you’ve been sold a bill of goods. And you’ve bought into them. It’s what our culture and even our world teaches us: we are not worthy; not good enough. Society teaches us that we must have this item or that education / certification in order to be “enough.” Most of us chase an elusive ‘something’ that we believe will make us happy (complete)… if we just buy the right thing. That’s a bunch of crap. And a really big pile of it. YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL AND WHOLE. But we give our power way. How? A simply understood example is that of so many people getting the flu or “the crud” once or twice a year. We’re told to “get that flu shot ‘cuz that will keep you well. “Riiighhht,” I haven’t been sick in years and I don’t get flu shots. Why? I don’t believe in the sovereignty of foreign germs. Quite frankly, I REFUSE the illness. I know I have the power to do so. The next time you think “Oh, I think I’m getting sick…” STOP. You don’t have to accept this unempowered way of living. Most people get sick because this is their default mode of living and they think they don’t have any power over it. Do you WANT to get sick? Most people don’t. So why do you get sick? Because you believe it’s just something that happens. YOU. BELIEVE. IT. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. And it’s time you activate YOUR sovereignty, YOUR power, and shift your belief system. Beliefs are simply thoughts you think over and over.  Likely, you’ve been thinking these thoughts since you were a small child. That’s when the belief systems are formed that we carry throughout our lifetime. This system of operating is based on a child’s perspective of the world…you, as a child, created your belief system. And likely you are still operating on that system of beliefs. 

Are you ready to upgrade your belief system about yourself?

Intuitive Readings

Sometimes part of the problem is that we can’t talk to anyone around us about some particular thing. Sometimes we need a place to express what is in our hearts and we need it to be a SAFE place. Perhaps you’ve seen things or had experiences that you feel like you can’t safely talk to anyone else about. I’m here to help you get whatever your concerns are out on the table and be present with an objective and nonjudgmental viewpoint. I’m here to provide a different perspective for you to consider. Or just to listen.

We’re all so beautifully different. You are one of a kind and so very special. YOU NEED TO HEAR THAT. You need to KNOW that.

My Intuitive Readings session allows you to talk about ANYTHING confidentially and without fear of judgement or other consequences*. I provide single 1-1.5 hour sessions for this purpose. No judgement. Just support. Are you ready to get started?

*Okay, there are some restrictions…mainly around being dangerous to yourself or others. Please tell me if this is a concern.