Life Coach

Spiritual Mentor

You are creative, resourceful and whole. Now you’ve just gotta get all the pieces in the right places. That’s where I can help, especially if you want to live your best years for the rest of your life. Welcome! I’m Kelly. I’m here to help you live your best life. Your way. The type of life with no regrets when you’re done.


Life Coaching

Transformative life coaching creates shifts in the way you interact with yourself. That probably sounds funny…after all, there is nothing wrong with you. Not a thing. And that’s the truth.

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual coaching naturally and supportively helps you shift your belief system. After all, beliefs are just thoughts you have thought over and over. And you have been thinking these thoughts for longer than you realize.

Talk About Anything

There’s an amazing phenomena that I have experienced over and over with my clients: Things look really differently once we speak about it… once we get it all out on the table and take a look at it. It provides a different perspective somehow and makes space in your head and heart to allow for the solution to come.


Everything you want is on the other side of fear. ”

Jack Canfield

About Kelly

I am a certified Life, Spiritual, and Energetic coach who lives for helping people turn back into their hearts and redesign their lives based on their own authenticity and true desires.

Awareness precedes choice precedes change.”

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